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Farmed salmon from the Faroe Islands listed as “good alternative” by Seafood Watch

Farmed salmon from the Faroe Islands has been designated a “Good Alternative” by American nonprofit organization Seafood Watch, reports Bakkafrost.com.

This is the first time ever farmed salmon from the North Atlantic archipelago has been rated by Seafood Watch, adds Bakkafrost.com.

Seafood Watch is one of the best known sustainable seafood advisory lists, and has influenced similar programs around the world. It is best known for developing science-based seafood recommendations that consumers, chefs, and business professionals use to inform their seafood purchasing decisions.

The organization’s recommendations focus on the North American market, suggesting what seafood is a green “Best Choice,” yellow “Good Alternative,” or a red “Avoid.” The “Avoid” category is for seafood which is overfished or fished or farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the environment.

The high demand for farmed salmon from the Faroe Islands, combined with the relative small size of the archipelago and the country’s historic commitment to long-term sustainability, means that Faroese producers have a hard time satisfying demand.

Farmed salmon is a vital part of the Faroese economy, representing half of the country’s export and providing valuable jobs for rural communities.


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