Video: Farm animals not too happy with shaky spring weather

Image credits: Maria Olsen.

Spring, unsurprisingly, is always full of surprise in the Faroe Islands, and the last few days have been no exception to the rule. Just when all creatures, humans and animals alike, were starting to enjoy the sure signs of spring — alas! Winther wasn’t going to give up that easily, to everyone’s nuisance because, after all, this time it looked as if we were actually headed for the pre-summer season. Not so fast, we’re told rather bluntly today.

This little lamb apparently had a hard time finding his mother. The chicken and geese had a few comments but eventually the sheep family was happily reunited.

The weather changes and switches, going from sunny to cloudy then to windy with downfall then back to sunny — at least a dozen times, on a single day. I guess you never really get used to it.

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