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Family Day 2019 – a simple gesture to the city and the families in it

Summers in the Faroe Islands are truly an exciting time: long days, festivals, traveling, kids staying at home from school, unpredictable weather, spontaneous road trips or family walks and an over-crowded downtown during the national holidays.

Oh my goodness! A parent could easily stress out during their “vacation”.

This is where the “Family Day 2019” comes in. Think of a day where your family can come to a pleasant all-day event where there is something for all ages. And it is all for FREE!

You heard me: it is all for FREE!

The local churches in Tórshavn have decided to come together on July 9 to raise money, find volunteers, bake cakes and create a fun-filled program for the families of the city.

Why, you might ask?

“Just a simple message – Because we love our city,” the churches note, adding that the event is “a simple gesture to the city and the families in it.”

“So, come join the fun on the 9th of July from 10.00-23.00 at the Perlan-Reinsaríið venue. There is plenty of room and plenty of things on the schedule for you to enjoy,” state the churches.

You can find a detailed schedule on the following links:



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