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Experience the Faroe Islands on wooden schooner Norðlýsið TN24


SPONSORED. Norðlýsið (nor-lui-si) means “The Northern Lights”. We offer scheduled tours, charter and events onboard our unique Faroese-built wooden schooner. In the 1980s the Faroese artist Tróndur Patursson acquired the retired ship and rebuilt it into the fantastic blue schooner that we know and love today. He considers Norðlýsið among his greatest works of art. Since the 1990s Norðlýsið has offered its services in the tourism trade. The ship has modern toilet facilities and heating. The tradition of hospitality and good seamanship is embedded in the oak planks. Able hands are on the steering pole and the purpose remains unchanged — to give you a unique experience of the Faroe Islands in a safe and friendly environment.
Website: nordlysid.com
Telephone: +298 321945
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