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Evacuated residents return to their homes in Klaksvík

Local authorities in Klaksvík have deemed it advisable that evacuated residents return to their homes following three major landslide and avalanche events that threatened large areas of the town and damaged several homes.

“The management team of the emergency services this morning has consulted on the situation and in conclusion arrived at the assessment that it is advisable for residents to return to their homes,” local news site Norðlýsið noted on December 20th.

One day earlier the Municipal Council of Klaksvík had urged people living in the upper residential areas of Klaksvík to leave their homes on fears that further landslides or avalanches could be imminent. The incidents occurred after days of heavy snowfall followed by sudden upward change in temperatures.

The emergency services had reportedly received specialist advice from archeologists and meteorologists and so for now there are apparently no risks of any serious landslides or avalanches.


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