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Electioneering meeting to shed lights on the topic of female migration and integration

Press release, SamFelagið: On Thursday evening, SamFelagið will shed lights on the topic of female migration and integration in the Faroe Islands at an electioneering meeting in Løkshøll, Runavík, August 22nd at 7 pm.

A translator will be present for the English speaking audience.

The Faroese population is becoming more diverse. In the past years, the number of newcomers has increased rapidly. With growing employment opportunities, the number of EU-labour migrants with no previous ties to the Faroe Islands is increasing. Yet, what is more striking is the significant influx of female migrants from countries in South East Asia such as the Philippines and Thailand. The growing diversity during the last decade has prompted the emergence of integration policy in the Faroese political discourse, raising the questions: Are the Faroe Islands prepared for multiculturalism? Moreover, how does one ensure that new arrivals are able to settle into a society that has historically been highly homogeneous?

Elisabeth Holm, ph.d student, will be having the presentation: “Employers could use us, but they don’t”. The focus is on, how crucial newcomers’ linguistic proficiency is for their integration into the Faroese labour marked and society.

David Im, integration coordinator at the Faroese Immigration Office, will be giving the presentation: “Migrating to the Faroe Islands: choices and challenges in a close-knitted society“, which will focus on social challenges newcomers are struggling with in the Faroe Islands.

After the presentations, the political candidates will discuss the topic with the audience and the chairperson.

At the end of the meeting, social scientists will ask the political candidates questions about affairs they think are of importance this election. Others are also welcome to ask questions.


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