Election Day is here. Two-thirds of Faroese voters expected to troop to the polls

General elections will be held in Denmark today – on the Danish Constitution Day. All 179 members of the Folketing will be elected, 175 in Denmark proper, two in the Faroe Islands and two in Greenland.

All parties represented in the Løgting (Faroese parliament) are eligible to participate in the election. However, the Centre Party (Miðflokkurin) has decided not to contest the election.

The last election for the Danish parliament was on Thursday 18 June 2015.

2015 voter turnout in the Faroe Islands was 65.6%. Voter turnout today is expected to be around the same as four years ago.

Magni Arge of Tjóðveldi (the Republican Party) and Sjúrður Skaale of Javnaðarflokkurin (the Social Democratic Party) have represented the Faroe Islands in the Folketing since 2015.

Elections for the Faroese parliament (løgtingið) will take place on August 31.

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