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Eivør releases second single from upcoming album

Faroese music artist Eivør will reportedly be releasing her long-awaited new album “ENN” on June 14th, and earlier this week she released a new single and music video ‘Hugsi Bert um Teg’ (English: ‘Still Just You’) from her upcoming album.

“I wrote this track a while back on my new Prophet 5 synth that I had been impatiently waiting for for a long time,” the acclaimed singer and songwriter noted.  “When it finally arrived, I unwrapped it with all the restraint of a child at Christmas, turned it on and started playing this recurring pattern that runs through the whole song.”

“This is probably the ‘poppiest’ and most upbeat track on my upcoming album,” she added. “A love song, dreaming of what once was and remembering love. A memory that lingers whether you are out dancing or at home trying to fall asleep.”

A few weeks ago Eivør released the first single, ‘Jarðartrá’ (English: ‘Dust to Dust’) from the upcong album.

After the release of her new album, Eivør is slated to go on a tour across Europe, Australia and the US; first, however, she will be playing two concerts at the Nordic House in Tórshavn, on August 30th and 31st.



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