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Eivør nominated for Nordic Council Music Prize 2021

Faroese music artist Eivør Pálsdóttir is among 13 Nordic artists nominated for this year’s prestigious Nordic Council Music Prize, the second time in eight years the famous performer, composer and songwriter is nominated for the prize. 

“Deeply rooted in the traditional music of her homeland, Eivør has established herself on the international stage as a leading musical artist with an impressive vocal and expressive range,” the rationale for the nomination reads.

Eivør, who was also shortlisted for this prize back in 2013, is further described as follows: “Regardless of trends, she has always found convincing ways of renewing a traditional musical expression with artistic integrity.”

The rationale adds: “Her wide-ranging vocal abilities and strong stage presence enable her to captivate any audience. In addition to Eivør’s enormous talent as a live performer, she has proven herself equally successful as a songwriter and producer. Her audiences have witnessed continuous growth and development in her output ever since she first stepped out onto the music scene as a teenager over two decades ago.”

The Nordic Council Music Prize has been awarded since 1965. Worth 300,000 DKK (40,340 EUR), the Music Prize will be awarded and the winner announced along with the winners of other Nordic Council Prizes on November 2nd in Copenhagen.


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