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Eivør and John Lunn create never-before-heard tracks for ‘The Last Kingdom’ Soundtrack

Sony Music last week announced the release of The Last Kingdom (Original Television Soundtrack) with music by Emmy-winning composer John Lunn and vocals by Faroese  singer-songwriter Eivør Pálsdóttir.

The third season of The Last Kingdom will premiere November 19 on Netflix.

John Lunn and Eivør Pálsdóttir have produced the music for each season of the show and were both aware that the material being composed had much more to say, and could be taken to places beyond the TV screen, writes Soundtrack.net.

So, when Carnival Films proposed releasing the soundtrack, John and Eivør decided to create almost entirely new tracks. Fans of the show will no doubt recognize the main themes, but the album also contains material that has never before been heard in any of the three seasons.

“Working together again with this approach has been a wonderful and creative experience, and we feel that our understanding of each other as writers and artists has grown further,” says John Lunn and Eivør, according to Soundtrack.net. “It’s been a great honour and pleasure making this record, and we hope we’ve given you, the listener, something you can enjoy in its own right, while remaining true to the spirit of The Last Kingdom.”

The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories series of novels. The first series of eight episodes premiered on 10 October 2015 on BBC America, and on BBC Two in the UK on 22 October 2015. A second series of eight episodes began airing on BBC Two in the UK in March 2017, co-produced by Netflix after the exit of BBC America.


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