Edith Dahl Jakobsen releases first single; song inspired by Mikines painting

“Let the Ship Come In” is the first single by 31-year-old Faroese singer & songwriter Edith Dahl Jakobsen.

The song is inspired by the painting “Várdagur- skip fara” (1937-1938) by the well-known Faroese painter Sámal Joensen-Mikines.

“Várdagur (Spring Day) embodies feelings of emptiness, melancholy and desolation resulting from being left behind when men go to sea. Fine, symmetric lines with simple colours enhance a sorrowful woman, and this expression is incorporated in the lyrics and melodic movement of the song,” says Edith Dahl Jakobsen.

Edith Dahl Jakobsen’s first encounter with song was at church when she was only two years old and since then music has been a part of her everyday life. When writing music, Edith draws on numerous influences from her surroundings such as people, places, nature, art and music.

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