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Earth Hour: More people turned off the lights in 2020

For the last couple of years, the power usage in the Faroe Islands has gone down during Earth Hour, an initiative that has both private households and businesses across the globe turning off the lights and other electrical tools for one hour.

Last year, 1.65 MW was saved during Earth Hour, and according to the Faroese electrical company SEV, even more power was saved during this year’s Earth Hour on 28 March – 4.78 MW.

In kWh this amounts to what one average Faroese household uses in one year.

– Although the energy being generated today is significantly more sustainable than when the Earth Hour initiative was launched, we haven’t reached our goal of 100 percent sustainable energy yet. But even when we have 100 percent sustainable energy, people will still need to be reminded to be responsible when using electricity to avoid new and unnecessary expansions, and to protect nature in general, Hákun Djurhuus, managing director of SEV says


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