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Doctors’ strike may become national crisis in the Faroe Islands

The General Practitioners’ Association last night announced a strike from May 3rd (i.e. tomorrow), reports Kringvarp Føroya.

GPs’ Association suggested that the draft agreement, proposed by the Ministry of Finance, was completely unacceptable, adding that a strike was thus unavoidable under these circumstances.

The General Practitioners’ Association announced in February that it had terminated its contract with the Public Health Insurance (Heilsutrygd) and the Ministry of Health and the Interior, writes Kvf.fo.

Marjus Dam, the chairman of the GPs’ Association, said at the time that the contract was more than 12 months old and was in dire need of renewal so that medical treatment could keep up with current requirements.

On 18 April, Mr Dam advised the public to prepare for a possible strike and stock up on their prescription medication in case the dispute resulted in a doctors’ strike, adds Kvf.fo.


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