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Doctor: No need to cancel Christmas dinners

With a little under two months to go until Christmas, people have been wondering, what is going to happen to Christmas dinners and office Christmas parties.

Dr. Bjarni á Steig does not think it will be necessary to cancel Christmas dinners or lunches, but people still ought to be cautious, he said in an interview with Dagur og Vika on Thursday.

– We’ve learned. If we use confirmations as an example. First we postponed them, then we had them, and they did not result in a new virus outbreak.

Dr. Bjarni á Steig advises people to stick to small get-togethers. Hosting big events is, however, not recommended.

Any young people who come home to the Faroe Islands for Christmas ought to also get tested for COVID-19 on the sixth day after their arrival as well as follow the public guidelines, he says.


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