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A deeper look at Faroese swimmers

The Swimming Association and the University of the Faroe Islands have launched a new project aimed at making Faroese swimmers even faster.

The project consists of developing a series of standard tests, which use hi-tech equipment to register the movements of selected swimmers. The new system will analyse a multitude of parameters including swimming style, speed, stroke length, take-off velocity and distance under water.

A collaboration between the iNOVA research institute and the University of Copenhagen, the project is estimated to cost a total of DKK 1.2 million over the next four years.

The cost is shared equally between the International Swimming Federation (FINA) and the Faroese Swimming Association.

Lead researchers are Magni Mohr PhD and lecturer of human physiology at the University of the Faroe Islands, Nikolaj Nordsborg, PhD and lecturer of human physiology at the University of Copenhagen, and Juan Jaime Arroyo Toledo, PhD in sports science, who is the head coach at Ægir (Klaksvík Swimming Club).

The Faroese Swimming Association is delighted with the support from FINA and believes the project will go a long way towards making Faroese swimmers even better.

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