Darts: Havnar Dartfelag 1 from Tórshavn wins national championship for teams

This Saturday, the final round of the national darts champonship for teams was held in Klaksvík.

Even before this weekend, Havnar Dartfelag 1 from Tórshavn had almost guaranteed themselves a championship victory, but the 2nd and 3rd places were still up for grabs.

In the end, Vága Dartfelag, the team from Vágar managed to secure the 2nd place by beating Argja Dartfelag. The two teams fighting for 3rd place were Pílar & Skot and D9. In the end, the 3rd place went to D9 from Skála.


Pílar & Skot – Klaksvíkar Dartfelag 9-3

Argja Dartfelag – Vága Dartfelag 0-9

Pílar & Skot – D9 3-9

Argja Dartfelag – Klaksvíkar Dartfelag 8-8

Havnar Dartfelag 1 – Havnar Dartfelag 2 9-2

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