Danish studio Henning Larsen wins competition to design the expansion of Hotel Tórshavn

Danish studio Henning Larsen has won the competition to design the expansion of Hotel Tórshavn, reports

The project centers on a new social commons and grand foyer made to create connections and give the hotel an active role in city life.

The design taps into the Faroese landscape to create a heart of new activity in the city center, writes

Located in the heart of Tórshavn, the Hotel Tórshavn is sited between the city’s main cultural venues and beneath the main pedestrian and shopping street.

The Hotel Tórshavn expansion introduces a public grand foyer and a broad staircase connecting the streets, designed as a meeting point and pedestrian thoroughfare for local and international visitors. Part renovation and part expansion, the design refreshes the interior of Hotel Tórshavn while adding a new wing on an adjacent lot.

Henning Larsen’s proposal upgrades the hotel from a three-star to four-star establishment.


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