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Danish Prime Minister offers his backing to the Faroe Islands’ efforts to gain Olympic recognition

Denmark’s Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has offered his backing to the Faroe Islands’ efforts to gain Olympic recognition, writes Inside The Games.

The Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee (FCSOC) hope the support of the Danish Government will act as a boost to their chances of gaining recognition.

”As Prime Minister of Denmark I express my Government’s full support to the Faroes’ endeavours to obtain membership of the International Olympic Committee (IOC),” said Mr. Rasmussen according to insidethegames.biz.

”According to the Home Rule Act of 1948 the Faroe Islands is a self-governing community with extensive autonomy within the Danish realm and constitution.

”This autonomy includes legislative and administrative authority in a broad range of affairs among which cultural affairs, including in the field of sport.

”Therefore, I would consider it quite natural and would welcome that also the Faroe Islands obtain recognition in the IOC on an equal footing with other members, which have similar status as the Faroe Islands,” stated Mr. Rasmussen.

Faroe Islands’ attempt to gain recognition has already received backing from the Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic National Olympic Committees.

Kosovo and South Sudan are the most recent countries to have been granted Olympic recognition, in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Unlike Faroe Islands, though, they are considered fully independent countries by the United Nations or, in Kosovo’s case, by over 100 of its members.

Faroe Islands’ case is made more difficult by an Olympic Charter change in 1996 which ruled that NOC recognition can “only be granted after recognition as an independent state by the international community”.


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