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Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary to visit the Faroe Islands in August

Many Faroe Islanders will no doubt look forward to this summer as they will receive a call from Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark when they, together with their four children, visit the Faroes aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog 23-26 August 2018.

Faroese news webpage reports that the Crown Prince Couple will visit Tórshavn Municipality, Klaksvík Municipality, Runavík Municipality, Sunda Municipality as well as Fugloy Municipality during their stay in the Faroes. adds that the Crown Prince Couple will be given the opportunity to experience the ”amazing Faroese nature, the special culture as well as Faroese food.”

This is the first time since 2005 that the Crown Prince Couple visits this part of the Danish Realm.

Back then Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and The Crown Princess made their cruise to the Faroes along with The Queen and Prince Henrik.

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