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Covid testing requirement for arrivals to Faroe set for one-year extension

The Finance Committee of the Faroese Parliament has, after reviewing a proposed bill from Finance Minister Jørgen Niclasen, stated that they agree with a suggested one-year extension of the current legal requirement that people traveling to the Faroe Islands be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival.

Meanwhile the Finance Committe likewise recommended that arrivals no longer be required to pay for their own tests by September 1st this year.

Travelers are currently required by law to take a Covid-19 test upon arrival and pay for the testing themselves up until April; however, the Ministry of Finance is working to extend the testing period to April 2022.

Since June 27th 2020, everyone coming to the Faroe has been required to get tested for Covid upon arrival.

Initially the testing program was funded by the Faroese government; since October, however, travelers have been required to pay a fee of 312 DKK for the testing.

Vaccinated persons are not exempt from the testing, unlike children below the age of 12, who are indeed exempt from the requirement, although since March they have been offered a free test.


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