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Covid testing mandate at Faroese border control to expire by end of July

Arrivals lining up for Covid testing at Vagar Airport (file photo). Image credits: Sverri Egholm.

Mandatory Covid testing of arrivals to the Faroe Islands will no longer be in force as of August 1st.

“July will be the last month of mandatory testing at the Faroese border,” official advisory website noted on July 5th.

“Travellers by air or sea to the Faroe Islands will no longer be required to test for Covid-19 from 1 August 2021,” the announcement read. “By that point the Faroe Islands will have reached herd immunity, according to the health authorities.”

“However,” we’re cautioned, “if the situation changes significantly, for example with the spread of the Delta variant in the Faroe Islands, authorities may return to mandatory testing.”

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