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COVID-19: More than 25.000 tests conducted in the Faroe Islands

On 28 February, the first COVID-19 test was conducted in the Faroe Islands, and since mid-March, tests have been conducted in the Faroe Islands nearly every day.

As of 15 July, the Faroe Islands has conducted more than 25.000 tests. According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Health, the exact number is 25.276.

The first case of COVID-19 was discovered on 3 March, and a total of 188 people have now tested positive in the Faroe Islands. The last active cases were discovered on 22 April.

On 5 July, it was announced that a traveller who came to the Faroe Islands via Vágar Airport had tested positive. It turned out, however, that the infection was an old one, and the person was declared healthy two days later.

No one has contracted the virus on Faroese soil since 6 April.

Since 27 June, testing has been mandatory for all travellers arriving in the Faroe Islands.


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