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COVID-19: Down to 18 active cases

Image credits: Ólavur Frederiksen/FaroePhoto
Image credits: Ólavur Frederiksen/FaroePhoto

Since Thursday, three people have officially recovered from COVID-19, while no new cases have been confirmed. This means the number of active cases has now been lowered to 18.

137.687 tests have now been conducted in the Faroe Islands, of which 728 were conducted on Thursday.

Last time the number of active cases was this low in the Faroe Islands was on 18 September. When the number was at its highest, there were 147 active cases in the Faroe Islands (this was back when sailors on foreign vessels docked in the Faroe Islands were included in the country’s statistics).

112 people are currently in quarantine, and no one is currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

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