COVID-19: Bars and restaurants close early – Friday night was unusually quiet

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This past Friday night was much quieter than usual. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the government recommended that all bars, restaurants and dance clubs close at 10 PM at the latest every evening.

And this is exactly what most places have done, some have even chosen to close their doors entirely for the next couple of weeks.

In Tórshavn, places like Essabarr, Víngarðurin and Jomfrúbakkin will remain closed for the next two weeks, while Bassalt and Loca have decided to close their doors during the weekend.

Other places like Hvonn, Sirkus, Glitnir and Irish Pub have chosen to close at exactly 10 PM, and Hvonn has even made changes to their menu and are accepting fewer customers than usual.

For this reason, the inner city was completely empty on Friday night, which is very unusual, according to the Faroese police.

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