Cost of repairing the damage to Norðborg is expected to exceed 10 million DKK

Norðborð (Image credits: Sverri Egholm)
Norðborð (Image credits: Sverri Egholm)

In late August or early September, the fishing vessel Norðborg will be ready to set out again.

Three weeks ago, the fishing vessel Norðborg experienced engine problems when fishing east of the Faroe Islands, and the ship had to be towed – first to Fuglafjørður to unload fishmeal and fish oil, and then to Klaksvík to unload frozen fish – by the patrol vessel Brimil.

It was soon clear that the damage was serious, and the repairs are going to cost more than ten million DKK, according to Kringvarp Føroya.

The parts needed for the repair have to be shipped from New York, and they weigh 25 tons. They are expected to arrive on 23 July, and the repairs are expected to take four to five weeks.

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