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Construction of Bakkafrost’s new broodstock facility at Skálavík to commence in early 2022

On-site preparations to make room for the construction of a state-of-the-art, central broodstock facility at Skálavík for salmon farmer Bakkafrost have been completed by contractor J&K Petersen.

The contractor handed the site over to Bakkafrost on November 25th, according to an announcement.

“The construction project is now in tender, and construction is expected to commence in early 2022,” the statement from Bakkafrost read. 

The construction project has been organized into four distinct stages, with the estimated time of completion set to January 2026.

“In recent years, Bakkafrost and the Faroese Aquaculture Research Station have worked together on preserving the Faroese salmon species, and since 2017, Bakkafrost staff has successfully been working on developing and improving the breeding process,” the salmon farmer further stated. “They have now identified the genome of the Faroese species, and the researchers are confident that in the future they will have Faroese broodstock which is resistant to diseases and lice, and moreover will have good growth and quality attributes.”

Bakkafrost “aims to supply all farming operations in the Faroe Islands with roe from the Faroese species by 2023,” according to the announcement.

The new broodstock facility at Skálavík is expected to become operational within two to three  years, we’re told.


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