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‘Closed for Maintenance, Open for Voluntourism’ weekend kicks off today

The so-called ‘Closed for Maintenance, Open for Voluntourism’ weekend kicks off today (on Friday 26 April) and finishes tomorrow evening (on Saturday 27 April).

According to Visit Faroe Islands, these 11 sites in the Faroe Islands will be closed to tourists today and tomorrow:

On the island of Mykines, most travelers take the hike to the bird colonies, which in return has resulted in a quite worn path that is difficult to walk, especially when wet. In order to relieve the bird-colony and the village itself, a new route and bird-watching site will be built, which enables visitors to spend time just outside the village and close to the ocean while watching birds at the same time.

In Gásadalur, the old path from Gásadalur to Bøur needs maintenance. Before the tunnel to Gásadalur was built in 2004, this path was the only connection to the small village of Gásadalur. In the old days, the village-people used to spend a day or two every year maintaining the path, primarily by clearing small rocks, etc. from the path. Since the tunnel was built, the regular maintenance work stopped. The job is to resume this yearly maintenance job of clearing and mending the walking path, which is a popular hiking route.

Miðvágur (Trælanípa)
In Miðvágur, the path leading out to Trælanípa, also called the ‘hanging lake’, will be maintained and existing infrastructure will be expanded.

In Gjógv, we will mend the current path above the village to one of the scenic viewpoints and build steps in the steep areas where traffic has led to erosion. There is a very scenic view of the majestic island of Kalsoy from above the village of Gjógv.

Klaksvík (Klakkur)
Klakkur is one of the high mountains surrounding Klaksvík, the second largest town in the Faroe Islands. Because of its easy accessibility, the hike to the mountain top is very popular.

There is not a proper path to the top, so the treaded path has been worn and muddy. There is a need for a proper gravel path and the maintenance crew will begin building this path.

The path between Tórshavn, the capital, and Kirkjubøur, our most important historical site, has cairns that need to be maintained and new cairns to be built. Moreover, the path will be mended, drained and wayfinding signs will be set up.

The island of Nólsoy, just outside Tórshavn, is a nice refuge and day-trip from Tórshavn. The path to the lighthouse located in the south of the island is a nice 4-5 hour walk. The path will be marked with wooden wayfinding posts, ensuring that visitors walk the right way. The path will be fixed where needed and a hiking sign that includes hiking guidelines and a map will be erected.

Dalur – Skarvanes
On Sandoy, the old cairn path from Dalur to Skarvanes is a nice hike. Hikers have a difficult time finding the right path. The path will be marked with wooden wayfinding posts. Moreover, the path will be mended at places, a gate will be fixed and steps will be built over a fence.

An additional two other popular sites in Sandoy will be marked with wayfinding posts and signs.

Hvannhagi is one of the most popular hikes in the southernmost island, Suðuroy. The proper path will be marked with wayfinding posts and the gate leading to the outer fields will be mended. Moreover, cairns and stone-walls will be fixed. (one day project: Friday)

Vágur (Eggjarnar)
The other place that will be a working site in Suðuroy is on ”Eggjarnar”, near the village of Vágur. There is a narrow road leading up to an old radar station which is located next to the steep cliffs of Suðuroy. The project will be to build a path and a viewpoint near the edge of the cliff. (one day project: Saturday)

Visit Faroe Islands asks people to “please respect the important work taking place by 100 volunteers from abroad and locals and choose to visit one of the many other exciting locations in the Faroe Islands.”


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