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City of Tórshavn is buzzing as Ólavsøka approaches

With 10 days left to go until Ólavsøka, the city of Tórshavn is buzzing.

Ólavsøka is the biggest summer festival in the Faroe Islands, and by most Faroese considered as the national holiday of the Faroes along with Flagday on 25 April.

Ólavsøka is a cultural and sports festival with boat races, football matches and other events. The 28 July, which is the day where the finals of the rowing competitions take place, is half working day for the members of some of the labour unions while Saint Olaf’s Day (Ólavsøkudagur) on 29 July is full holiday for members of most of the unions

29 July is also the day when the Faroese Parliament (Løgtingið) opens its session.

But before Ólavsøka takes place, the city of Tórshavn on Saturday will host Okkara Tórsfest, a pre-Ólavsøka Music festival.

This year’s line-up boasts – amongst others – Danish electronic rock band Carpark North, Danish R&B and pop singer Burhan G and classic English rock band Smokie, and thousands of festival-goers are expected to take to the streets of Downtown Tórshavn to sing-along to songs such as ”Human”, ”Din for evigt” (”Yours forever”) and ”Living Next Door To Alice”.


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