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‘Christmas Ship’ festivities herald the holiday season — photos

The idea of a ‘Chistmas Ship’ arriving in port amid fireworks and Christmas decorations and bringing a group of Santas eager to entertain crowds of children and grownups has become much of a trend in recent years in the Faroes. The first such annual event took place more than a decade ago in Klaksvík, the second-largest town of the island nation — and with its popularity growing over the years, the idea has spread to other towns across the islands as well.

“When the Christmas Ship arrives we’re reminded that Christmas is just around the corner,” as the saying goes in Klaksvík.

Thus on December 22nd such a vessel arrived in Klaksvík to the cheers of a huge gathering at the West Quay. The kids were clearly delighted and many grownups seemed to enjoy themselves almost as much. A combined comedy show and ‘live’ concert featuring a band of Santas made the evening anything between hilarious and magic for hundreds of enthusiastic children who were subsequently given bags of snacks, drinks and sweets.

The atmosphere was festive, calm, and very friendly with an energy that was wonderfully contagious. What a way to kick-start the holiday season!



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