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Cannabis political party well underway in the Faroes: “The party has just one goal and that is to legalize cannabis,” states founder

Faroese cannabis activists are pushing ahead with a plan to form a new political party aiming to legalize the cannabis plant – primarily for medical use, report Faroese news outlets.

Hallur Hjalgrímsson Djurhuus, who is the founder of the movement ”Framtakið fyri rættinum at velja kannabis” (The campaign for the right to choose cannabis), has so far collected some 250 of the 800 signatures required to run for election.

Mr. Djurhuus states to Faroese news website In.fo that the party has just one goal and that is to legalize cannabis in the Faroe Islands.

“We simply wish to legalize a harmless plant, which everyone should have the right to cultivate and use. It is particularly important that people who need cannabis for medical purposes should be given free access to it,” says Mr. Djurhuus according to Kringvarp Føroya.

The new party has a neutral stance on all other political matters, and party members will be free to decide as they wish on anything not related to cannabis, writes Kvf.fo.

Mr. Djurhuus points out to In.fo that when “The campaign for the right to choose cannabis”  talks about legalizing cannabis, this does not mean that the purpose is to make it available for sale on every corner.

“Our primary emphasis is that it should be completely legal for patients to get cannabis for medical use.”

Cannabis political parties are generally single-issues parties that exist to oppose the laws against cannabis.

The next general election in the Faroe Islands is due to be held before 2 September 2019.


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