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Cafe owner on impact of strike: ‘We’re holding on but it takes an extra effort’—video, photos

We asked Niels á Rógvu, managing owner of the Paname Cafe in central Tórshavn, how the current workers’ strike is impacting on his business.

“The strike affects us in that it’s become more difficult to get supplies but we’re still getting supplied so we’re managing. We’ve got our full assortment for at least another seven to ten days. Then we’ll have to figure out baking different cakes as we’ve got sugar, flour and yeast… So we’ll come up with something. I was lucky to get hold of coffee on the Monday before the strike—a month’s supply, we got 150 kilograms. So yes, we’re holding on but, of course, it takes an extra effort. Well, if we don’t work we won’t get paid; so one’s ever concerned about that. But again, this is the business we’re in, it has its upturns and its downturns. We’ve already been through quite a few things and I expect this situation will not continue for that many weeks… We’ll be able to remain open although later there’ll be some limitations on what items we’ll be able to offer but again, at least we’ll be open. We’ve seen somewhat fewer Faroese people than we’d normally do but we’ve still got the tourists, even though I hear rumors that the hotels are beginning to receive cancellations and such. So this situation will no doubt affect us before long; should it drag on it will definitely have an impact. Also cancellations of cruise ship port calls and such will have an impact on our business.”


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