Businesses premises at Biskupstorg to be ready by spring 2021: Six businesses to move in

Press release: The work to get the business premises at Biskupstorg in Klaksvík ready has drawn out, but this week, Klaksvík municipality announced which businesses would move in, once everything’s ready.

A deal has been made with the café Fríða, the information centre in Norðoy (Norðoya Kunningarstova), 2U, Motus Sport, Madame Vælvera and Vøggan.

The building at the Biskupstorg quarter has four floors, and only the bottom floor will be rented out to businesses. The rest of the building is divided into 30 apartments, which belong to Bústaðir.

The hope is that this will create a more lively city centre with more diverse activities.

The plan is to allow the businesses to move into the building in the spring.

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