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Bringing you close to the most stunning sceneries in no time — RIB62


SPONSORED. Take a sightseeing tour to the Faroe Islands’ largest grotto, Klæmintsgjógv, on the west coast of the island Hestur. Experience this huge and magnificent cathedral-like cave with three different entry points.

On all our trips from April to September you’ll have the opportunity to explore the diverse birdlife of the Faroes.

The Giant and the Witch (Risin og Kellingin) — learn about the trolls of old who sought to pull the Faroes closer to Iceland. Alas for them, before they managed to get the islands off the continental shelf, the sun rose in the east and turned them to stone forever. They remain as the two sea stacks northwest of the village Eiði in the northern tip of the island Eysturoy. On this trip you’ll also have the opportunity to enter some of the most fascinating grottos of the Faroes, including the amazing Látursgjógv.

Or opt for a day trip to explore the serene, two-inhabitant islet Koltur with its old farm and incredible history, not to mention some spectacular views.

RIB62 brings you all of the above and more — the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the Faroe Islands from a unique perspective! Our rigid inflatable boats can get you to the most remote and breathtaking sights the islands have to offer, in no time.

During the summer season (May 1st – October 1st) we provide daily sightseeing tours on weekdays and bespoke tours during weekends. Off-season (November 1st – April 30th) we provide bespoke tours and arrangements; which means, for instance, that you can bring your family, friends or colleagues with you on a trip with no other passengers on the boat. These trips can be arranged according to your preferences and needs as long as RIB62 can vouch for your safety.

Throughout the year we occasionally arrange specially-scheduled trips, excursions and events. Follow the announcements of such activities on our Facebook page RIB62.

Book your adventure or get more information on Facebook and on our website.

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