Brimil had to tow fishing vessel Norðborg to Fuglafjørður

Norðborð (Image credits: Kiran Jóanesarson)
Norðborð (Image credits: Kiran Jóanesarson)

On Sunday morning, the patrol vessel Brimil arrived at Fuglafjørður with the fishing vessel Norðborg in tow.

The fishing vessel was located east of the Faroe Islands when it experienced engine problems on Saturday morning. Brimil was called to aid the vessel, and at 8 PM on Saturday it started towing Norðborg towards Fuglafjørður.

After unloading fishmeal and fish oil in Fuglafjørður, Brimil and Norðborg will head to Klaksvík to unload the vessel’s frozen fish, Kringvarp Føroya writes.

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