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More breast cancer diagnoses thanks to screening

In 2007-2016 an average of 23 women per year were diagnosed with breast cancer. When the breast screening programme was introduced just over a year ago, the average figure rose to 31.

Thirteen women have been diagnosed with breast cancer through screening since the programme was launched.

Durita Tausen, the chair of the Faroese Cancer Society, says the screening programme has made a great difference and that without it, these 13 women would probably have received their diagnoses at a much later time.

Under the new programme, all eligible women aged 50-69 are invited for screening. Some 5,600 women fit into this bracket, and half of them have so far been invited for screening, with 1,912 having accepted the offer.

Figures from the Faroese Cancer Society show that in the period from 2007 to 2016, an annual average of 23 breast cancer diagnoses were given by GPs. Since last year’s launch of the screening programme 31 women have received the diagnosis.

Of these 31 women, 18 were diagnosed by their GP, while 13 were diagnosed through the screening programme.

Tausen believes that screening ensures that more women receive examinations.

The National Hospital uses Danish and European mammography guidelines, and initial records show that the Faroese programme is in line with these guidelines.

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