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Beyond bah: Passepartout Duo featuring Arnold Ludvig to perform ‘Sheep Music’ live concert

What kind of music might sheep like to hear? This question propelled the sound research of the two musicians of Passepartout Duo — Nicoletta Favari and Christopher Salvito — who have spent the last few months visiting farms, performing for sheep, and collaborating with different composers on new music. The results of these visits will be performed in collaboration with Faroese bassist and composer Arnold Ludvig at a live concert in Toftir on Saturday July 24th.

“The events of Sheep Music are meant to be a contemporary realization of the old Icelandic kvöldvaka i.e. long evening wakes where families would gather in a room to entertain themselves,” we’re told by representatives of the project, which has been supported by the Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Culture Fund.

“The rituals of kvöldvaka are known to multiple cultures across latitudes, for example in Northern Italy they were called filò. The social role of such gatherings not only allowed the flourishing of artistic crafts like knitting, but also made space to nurture a sense of community and the relationships between different age groups, with the children being entertained and the older people having space to pass on stories and experiences. It often allowed the connection with nearby animals as well.”

“People are invited to bring everything for their own knitting and wool spinning activities during the concert,” a further note added.

The event is scheduled to take place at Nania, Toftir, from 3pm to 4pm.


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