Betting companies have also gained access to the Betri Division

HB - Víkingur (Image credits: Jens Kr. Vang)
HB - Víkingur (Image credits: Jens Kr. Vang)

Earlier this week it was announced that the Norwegian TV station TV2 and Danish media Ekstrabladet had acquired the rights to show live broadcasts from the Faroese men’s Betri Division.

TV2 will show the matches on TV, while Ekstrabladet will show some of the matches on their website for members with a PLUS subscription.

Televarpið, who owns the rights to the live broadcasts of the Betri Division, has now announced that a deal has been made with a company, which provides betting companies with live TV footage.

The income from these deals will be divided between the Faroese Football Federation and Televarpið.

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