Better conditions for bicycles in Tórshavn

Image credits: Ólavur Frederiksen / FaroePhoto.com
Image credits: Ólavur Frederiksen / FaroePhoto.com

Tórshavn needs better conditions for bicycles, which is why 1 million DKK has been set aside on this year’s investment plan to make the necessary improvements, and the plan is to set aside an additional 2 million DKK a year, the website of Tórshavn Municipality writes.

The goal is to make it easier and more appealing for people to choose to ride their bicycles over other means of transportation.

– Cycling is a healthier and easier way to get around faster. It leads to better health and a cleaner environment, Marin Katrina Frýdal, chair woman of the town planning committee in Tórshavn says.

The plan is to improve the conditions of the city’s pavements and bicycle tracks, improve the conditions for bicycle parking as well as allowing bicycles on the city busses at certain times during the day.

The City Council in Tórshavn will discuss the matter at their next meeting on the 30th of January.

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