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Best Company and Best Campaign announced at yearly industry conference

“The only limit is your imagination.” FabLab in Kambsdalur have adopted the well-known slogan, but their imagination was undoubtedly tested when they were told they had won Best Campaign 2018 at Vinnudagurin, the annual conference for industry leaders, held in October.

A fab lab is a small-scale workshop offering personal digital fabrication. It is typically equipped with an array of flexible computer-controlled tools that cover several different length scales and various materials, with the aim to make ‘almost anything’, including technology-enabled products generally perceived as limited to mass production.

The FabLab in the town of Kambsdalur is the only one of its kind in the Faroe Islands.

“The aim of our FabLab is to give anyone with creative ability, and those who just want to test themselves, an opportunity to create something in a helpful environment,” says Jóannes Djurhuus, manager of FabLab Faroe Islands.

The Fab Lab Network, started in 2001 as a joint programme between the Grassroots Invention Group and the Center for Bits and Atoms at the Media Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is an open, creative community of fabricators, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, students, amateurs, professionals, of all ages located in more than 78 countries. As of December 2017, there existed 1205 Fab Labs in the world in total.

Jóannes thinks fab labs give an insight into the lives of ordinary people in the future.

He says: “I think this is the beginning of a way of life for people. Our FabLab has a 3D printer and perhaps each household will have one in the not so distant future.”

The judges praised the Fab Lab, saying, among other things: “It is commendable that the initiators of the first Faroese FabLab have created an environment for developing creativity, knowledge and advanced craft.”

Articon wins Best Company 2018
Articon won Best Company at the industry conference, cementing its position as one of the country’s biggest construction companies.

Jón Sigurdsson, CEO of Articon, was delighted to win the award, handed by the Faroese House of Industry.

“The award is a recognition that we can use in our work to continuously develop our company,” says Jón. “It is also fantastic for our employees to be recognised for the incredible work they’ve done in recent years.”

The judges were full of praise for Articon, highlighting their positive approach to sustainability:

“Companies that want to be relevant to customers today and in the future must also show a willingness to work in a sustainable manner. Articon looks to minimize the effect it has on nature, for example, by handling waste correctly and by reducing emissions produced by the company.”

Articon was founded in 2001 and currently employs nearly 300 people. This is the second time Articon wins an award for Best Company. The first time was in 2008.

Words: Levi Hanssen
This article was originally published on Faroeislands.fo


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