Bentley Conti GT first car to drive in Tórshavn-Eysturoy subsea tunnel

“It’s the first gasoline car that’s ever been down here. Actually, it’s the first car. Definitely the first Bentley,” ponders Teitur Samuelsen, CEO of P/F Eystur-og Sandoyartunlar as we gingerly drive a brand-new Bentley Continental GT into a giant and appallingly dirty hole. “Are you sure it’s going to be OK? It can get pretty rough.”

“Everything is fine,” I mutter back through the walkie-talkie, quietly yet firmly stabbing the lift button on the Conti’s air suspension. “We have raised the suspension and have four-wheel drive. This car is essentially made for this kind of environment.” I can feel the side-eye through 20ft of clear air and a double-glazed, 70kg car door.

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