Belgian benefit biker after visiting the Faroe Islands: “This was one of the greatest trips I have ever made”

Belgian benefit biker Stefaan Lehoucq, who visited almost every island in about 9 cycling days on his mountain bike earlier this month, has managed to raise over 3.500 euro for Humival, a home for mentally disabled people, in his home area in Belgium.

The main goal of his trip to the Faroe Islands was ”to collect money in advance with his personal network and afterwards by means of a charity evening and presentation of his trip.”

”And this in favour of a Belgian home for mentally disabled persons, named Humival,” said Lehucq in an interview with back in April.

Apparently, Mr. Lehoucq succeeded in his mission.

”This was one of the greatest trips I have ever made!,” Lehoucq told earlier this week.

This is Lehoucq’s thank you-message to some of the people he met during his trip in the Faroe Islands:

– Thanks to all Belgian people, who made it possible to raise over 3.500 euro for Humival, a home for mentally disabled people, in my home area,
– Thanks to to give me a forum when passing by,
– Thanks to the drivers in sub sea tunnel number 1. I’m still alive
– Thanks to Atlantic Airways to take me safely and comfortable to the beautiful Faeroe Islands,
– Thanks to Magni Blastein, Vestmanna, for a great fishing trip.
– Thanks to the birds for being there at the Vestmanna Bird Cliff excursion,
– Thanks to Torshavn Marathon organization and to the Mayor Annika, for an unforgettable marathon on Sunday June 3th 2018.
– Thanks (and a special one) to Gunnar Cykelkillan, in Tórshavn for fixing my bicycle on a Friday afternoon.
– Thanks for Kaffe och Vaffelmannen i Tjørnuvik for offering me a place right on the beach to sleep,
– Thanks for the hospitality in Saksun,
– Thanks to the lady who served me coffee in Gjógv, and I hope that the fish I offered to you was good
– Thanks for the great piece of lamb meat in the restaurant in Viðareiði,
– Thanks for the offer to let me take a shower in Kulturhúsið in Fuglafjørður. Great service !
– Thanks to the local inhabitants of Fuglafjørður to let me taste dried cod, dried grind and the obvious whale blubber and offering me a beer
– Thanks to Amalia on Fugloy for the great food and for the chance to taste air dried lamb meat. Loved it!
– Thanks to all of you in the Faeroe Islands, I’ll be your greatest ambassador ! You have been fantastic!

Lehoucq concluded: ”I’ll come back with my wife and family, and maybe many others!”

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