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Belgian benefit biker to bike across the Faroes to raise money for a home for mentally disabled persons

This summer the Faroe Islands will receive a visit from Belgian benefit biker Stefaan Lehoucq, who seeks to raise money for a Belgian home for mentally disabled persons, named Humival.

In an interview with Local.fo, Mr. Lehoucq explains that he plans to visit almost every island in about 9 cycling days on his mountain bike, packed with all his luggage, and that he hopes to meet and greet as many of the local inhabitants as possible and spread a wave of positive energy while passing by.

Lehoucq, who has previously cycled in Tanzania for charity, tells Local.fo that he might need some assistance on the road or help to pass through all the tunnels by bike.

He adds: ”As a little extra, I have registered my name on the list of participants of the Tórshavn 1/2 marathon on June 3th. As far as I have seen in the list of participants: I will be the only Belgian participator. The day before, I have made sure to visit the cultural event in Torshavn”, explains an excited Lehoucq, who is a big fan of all Scandinavian countries.

”The Faroe Islands is one of the last destinations in the north to visit for me. I do speak Danish and Swedish and study currently Icelandic. The main goal of my trip is to collect money (in advance with my personal network) and afterwards by means of a charity evening and presentation of my trip. And this in favour of a Belgian home for mentally disabled persons, named Humival”, says Lehucq.

Lehoucq arrives in the Faroe Islands on May 29.

Image credits: Stefaan Lehoucq


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