Bars in Klaksvík staying open till midnight

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Like the bars and nightclubs in Tórshavn, bars in Klaksvík will also be staying open till midnight from now on.

During the past couple of weeks, the bar Maverick and the café Jacqson in Klaksvík have been following the government’s guidelines by not staying open past 10 PM, but things have changed.

– I stopped by the police station and talked to the police about staying open till midnight. We told the police that we’re not just going to watch others (the bars in Tórshavn and Fuglafjørður) staying open past 10, says Símun á Høvdanum, owner of Maverick, which stayed open till midnight on Monday.

Jacqeline Gardar, owner of the café Jacqson, is also considering extending the opening hours during the weekends.

– We’ve been open from 11.30 AM to 8 PM these past few weeks, but we’re considering staying open till midnight on weekends, she tells

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