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Bars and restaurants no longer required to close at 10 PM

You’re once again free to enjoy yourself at Faroese restaurants, bars and night clubs even past 10 o’clock at night, as restrictions related to the global health crisis, in particular the holiday season, have been rolled back.

An executive order, signed earlier by Minister of Industry and Trade, Helgi Abrahamsen, mandating all restaurants, bars and nightclubs to close at 10 PM at the latest, expired on January 4th — with seemingly no current plans to extend that order.

Mid December, a decision was made by the government to limit hospitality establishments’ opening hours in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, as many travelers would be returning to the Faroe Islands for the holidays.

The number of cases didn’t increase over the festive season as much as feared, hence there are currently no plans to continue to limit the opening hours, Minister Abrahamsen noted.

“We will of course monitor the situation, and should the number of cases continue to rise and should it turn out that the virus is spreading via these establishments, we’ll have to reevaluate the situation,” Mr. Abrahamsen told public broadcaster KvF on Monday.

The Minister added that adjustment can be made, should the Epidemics Commission recommends so.


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