Bars and night clubs can stay open until 2 AM on ólavsøka – We should not be celebrating as usual, Doctor warns

People dressed in national costume at Ólavsøka
People dressed in national costume at Ólavsøka

An agreement has been reached between the government and the owners of the bars, nightclubs and restaurants in Tórshavn, which allows them to stay open till 2 AM on ólavsøka, which this years falls on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, the corona consultancy, which was established to counsel businesses on how to handle the current situation, advised Tórshavn Municipality that the bars should close at midnight at the latest.

This was to prevent too many people from gathering in the establishments, as this can be harder to manage especially later in the night after people have had a few drinks, says Dr. Pál Weihe, consultant and professor in public health.

In an interview with Kringvarp Føroya, he warned against celebrating ólavsøka the usual way, as it would be unfortunate to have too many people gathered in once place.

– Don’t enter these establishments if there are too many people, because that’s when you could spread the disease. Don’t just think about yourself, you also need to think of everyone else in your society, especially those who cannot handle this disease, he says.

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