Bakkafrost seeks to create a more sustainable and greener Faroe Islands

Bakkafrost plans to build a new biogas plant in the Faroe Islands is well on its way.

Bakkafrost announced today that a contract has been signed with a constructor on the construction of the plant. The company also announced that the new biogas business will be called FÖRKA.

FÖRKA will according to plan be ready for production in Q1 2020 and will be processing about 100,000 tonnes of biological waste from Bakkafrost’ hatcheries and farmers around the Faroes.

Initially, the goal is to produce heating for 400 homes and electricity for 1,900 houses, reveals Bakkafrost.

FÖRKA’ production will save the Faroese environment for 11,000 tonnes of CO₂ emissions and in this way, FÖRKA will help create a more sustainable and greener Faroe Islands.

Bakkafrost states that the name is a composition of FÖ (Faroe Islands) and Orka (Energy). 

“It shows together with the integrated logo that the goal of the company is to help the Faroese society towards a greener Faroe Islands,” writes Bakkafrost.

FÖRKA will be of part of the Bakkafrost Group.

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