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Back to the 80s…when the spookiest Children’s Christmas program ever ruled Faroe telly KVF

Back in the Atli Dam days,
When we built tunnels everywhere,
When boys wore Faroe sweaters,
Like Jóannes from RFF,
When Klaksvík was so remote,
And Finnbogi Ísakson was reading news,
Back when the coolest thing in KVF,
Was the Children’s Christmas program 1988

Ahh, dont we just miss those good old days when the beloved national treasure Zacharias Hammer ruled the Faroe telly and gave us the probably the spookiest, but also the most inspirational Children’s Christmas program ever.

This is the story about the ominous sea monster (Fjørutrøllið) which chased the children of Hattarvík and scared the life out of them and the villagers in general.

The monster could not stop laughing and enjoying itself as it ran riot, and it even left poor Mr. Hammer shell-shocked. Fortunately, the story had a happy ending.

Watch the programme above.


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