Atli Mikkelsen is the new CEO of Okkara

Okkara brewery in Velbastaður (Image credits: Torleif Joensen)
Okkara brewery in Velbastaður (Image credits: Torleif Joensen)

Last week, it was announced that Petur Petersen, also known as Petur Øl (Petur Beer), had quit his job as CEO of Okkara.

On Monday, it was announced that Atli Mikkelsen will become the new CEO of the brewery.

In addition to a new CEO, Okkara has also gotten a new board of directors. The board now consists of Karsten Hansen, Søren Antoft and Hans Andrias Midjord, who’ve replaced Óli Meinertsson Hansen, Niels Heini Mortensen, Thomas Hans Dam, Høgni Guðlaukur Weikert Jensen, and Regin Weihe Dalsgaard.

Einar Waag, CEO of Føroya Bjór, the oldest brewery in the Faroe Islands, who bought Okkara last month, tells that he hopes to sort out the finances of Okkara.

– Okkara has had a deficit for ten years now, so we have to fix that, he says.

In 2018, Okkara lost 600.000 DKK in profits, and the owner’s equity was – 2,8 million DKK. Since the company was founded in 2009, its loss has been a total of 20 million DKK.

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