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Atlantic Fair business expo to be held in mid May

The Faroe Islands’ foremost business-to-business trade show ‘Atlantic Fair — International Maritime Exhibition’ will be held in Klaksvík during May 17th to 19th.

The event takes place every other year. That edition of the event saw 193 exhibitors from 21 countries and was attended by 4,300 people in the course of three days.

“The expo is aimed at showcasing maritime goods and services and to highlight contemporary developments in that field,” we’re told.

“The societies in the North Atlantic depend on the sea and its natural resources,” managing director Áki í Skemmuni noted.

“It is reflected in the diversity of the companies which over the years have participated in this exhibition, as they operate in at least two of the most important segments in the area — the fishing industry and the offshore industry.”

Mr. í Skemmuni added: “Innovation and application of new technology in the maritime sector has become crucial, and is an important key to growth in these sectors in our region in the future. Innovation is also a key factor in ensuring sustainable solutions that enhance long-term economic viability of the fisheries. By showcasing and sharing knowledge and creating business-to-business partnerships we can obtain greater productivity in our maritime industry. I am confident that the Atlantic Fair once again will present the best of what maritime-related businesses in the North Atlantic are capable of, both in our region and world-wide.”


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