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Atlantic Airways to expand business activities, add fourth plane to fleet — CEO

Faroese national carrier Atlantic Airways plans to increase their number of flights, add a new travel destination in 2023 and add an aircraft to their fleet, according to CEO Jóhanna á Bergi.

Ms. á Bergi said in a statement that Atlantic Airways were “pleased” to have noticed a growing interest in air travel to and from the Faroes and that this has led to a decision to increase their fleet of aircraft from three to four.

“This summer has been very busy and we note that people are eager to travel, for which of course we’re pleased,” the CEO stated. “We’re bracing for increased levels of business activities next year and will expand our fleet from three to four planes.”

According to the airline, travel statistics for this year are reminiscent of corresponding figures for 2019, which was a record-breaking year. 

“We reinstated direct flights to Paris this year twice a week and this has turned out to be a very popular route,” Ms. á Bergi said. “In the coming year we’ll increase our number of flights on most routes. We’ll be flying directly to Paris from April till October, for the most part thrice a week. We’ve also prolonged the period in which we fly directly to Aalborg, and we’ll do so again next year, when we’ll be flying directly from early May to mid October. On most other routes we’ll also increase the number of flights.”

Atlantic Airways is currently flying to 10 destinations — Copenhagen, Billund, Aalborg, Keflavik, Edinburgh, Oslo, Paris, Barcelona, Mallorca, and Gran Canaria — and come next fall, the airline will offer direct flights to New York as well.

“Of course, many have been curious about our plans for a direct flight route to New York,” the CEO added. “That project has not been cancelled and if everything goes according to plan, we will indeed have a few flights directly to the US in the fall of 2023.”


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